Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Session Starts Next Week

Summer is coming.....
      A short 8 weeks to go and we will be changing gears.  Shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits are just around the corner.  The time to prepare is now.  Spending a few hours a week on yourself will do wonders for not only looking good on the outside, but also  promoting wellness on the inside.  Read on for the spring program information.   

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     If you are thinking about getting in shape or adding something different to your fitness program, I encourage you to try my small group training program.  Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary, but that is how you'll see results.  The comraderie, motivation, and inspiration of our group is exactly what keeps members coming back and completely overcomes any apprehension they may have.  Frequently people tell me they are concerned they won't be able to keep up, or they worry they may not be "fit enough" to join.  I can tell you that these fears are gone on the first day when they realize everyone is in it together.  It does not matter what level you are.  We lift each other up and encourage hard work in a very fun way. The program is designed to be challenging for all fitness levels.  I provide modifications for all ability levels and injuries as well.  You will get the individual attention of a Personal Trainer/Strength Coach in a cost effective small group setting.

      I believe in a "Whole Body" approach to fitness which means this class is more than just a workout.  In addition to physical work, we focus on the mind/body connection to wellness.  You get recipes, meditation, lots of nutrition information, discussions on various topics from sleep, to visualizing goals, to what really makes a good day, and much much more.  What matters is that you have the determination to begin and the desire to improve your wellness.  Whatever your motivation and goals....feeling more energized, getting stronger, increasing flexibility, carving out an hour just for yourself, I will be behind you every step of the way.  I am available 24/7 via email and text for support as well.  Below is information.  Email me if you have any further questions.  I invite new clients to grab a friend and try a free class to see if it is for you!
Remember....If nothing changes, nothing changes!

Spring Group Training Session 2
This is a bootcamp style group workout.  Specifically, it is a whole body and mind conditioning program that will develop your strength, cardio-respiratory system, and flexibility.  You'll learn what to eat and not to eat for breakfast, fast lunch ideas on the run, how to prep delicous healthy dinners for the family on those busy nights.  You will experience components such as guided meditation, discussions about how to sleep better, how to appreciate gratitude, and more.  Frequently I bring in food to sample along with recipes.  In this program we are training movements through a workout focusing on functional fitness: exercises that help you move easier through your everyday life.  Well conditioned muscles help protect against injuries.  They also aid in shock absorption, protecting joints.  And by losing fat and gaining muscle, you'll burn more calories, even at rest! Workouts incorporate resistance training, core conditioning, cardio, circuit training, flexibility, and agility and balance work, to name a few modalities.  We work on training the anerobic pathways thus burning more calories during the workout and for sometime after as well.  The comraderie, non competitive environment, and yes FUN atmosphere will keep you inspired!

As part of my group you are invited to join our Private Facebook Group.  This is a place to share info, rant, rave, and whatever else comes to mind about exercise, good food, life, and wellness.  Additionally, all updates/info are found here as well.  Once a member, I will add you to the group. 


  Dates:  May 8 through June 14 (6 weeks)  
   Days:  Tuesday 8-9am
             Tuesday 9:15-10:15am

             Thursday 8-9am

             Thursday 9:15-10:15am
  Place: Federated Church/moving outside to Pond St as the weather warms up                                                                           
What You Need:  5 and 8 lb dumbbells, a resistance band, and a mat
Cost:  1 day/week = $90
          2 days/week = $180
        To secure your spot:  Reply to this email and send your check to me at:  16 Standish Rd, Norfolk, 02056.  Please note the day and time slot you want on your check.  Space is reserved first come first served.
Private Training:
I offer one on one training as well as semi private groups that can be scheduled at your convenience.  I will travel to your home or any location. Inquire for more details  

A Recipe to Share With You:
This is popular with my clients.  It is healthy and delicious, and will keep you full for a very long time.  I made these after class for everyone and they loved it!
Janine's Smoothie
3/4 whole fat greek yogurt
  3/4 cup frozen cherries 
  2 egg yolks
  2 Tblsp coconut oil
  optional: honey for additional sweetness
  water and chopped ice
Blend and Enjoy!
About me:
I am a Personal Trainer certified through the internationally credited Aerobic and Fitness Association of America.  In addition, I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach certified through the Poliquin International Certification Program.  I am in my sixth year of practicing.  I specialize in training women of all ages and fitness levels.  I also enjoy training children when time allows.  

Other News:
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or in the Facebook search box enter:  Janine Wilkins Personal Trainer to be connected to my business page.  Here you can view information on future programming and nutrition, among other interesting wellness issues.

If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me.  You may forward this newsletter to anyone you feel may be interested. 
My best to you and your wellness!

Janine Wilkins
Poliquin Certified Strength Coach, PICP
Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA

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